Cyber Crime is the immediate ongoing threat to the commercial world and corporate value propositions. It will only continue to grow. Criminal practitioners consistently develop tools, techniques and procedures to facilitate ever more sophisticated attacks.

We recognise that it is a challenge to find your way safely through this uncertain digital world. To guide you, Xenubis offers genuine Digital Resilience. This is delivered by world leading experts in their individual fields of excellence, based on decades of real world operational experienced forged the hard way – on the front lines.


  • Your security is our primary concern.
  • Integrity and confidentially is at the heart of our approach and we pride ourselves on keeping it that way.
  • We will do our utmost to develop a long-standing, trusted relationship with you to ensure we deliver.
  • We are here for the long term.


Resilience is only effective when it becomes an intrinsic part of how organisations think, operate and interact with the digital world as a complete entity. This applies to the Physical, Human and Digital aspects of their activities – not just the IT that supports it which is often the focus of traditional Cyber Security firms.

Defence also needs to be in depth, not just a single perimeter ‘fence’ to place around your organisation. When the gate is left open or unlocked, that expensive ‘fence’ is useless. Holes often appear as a direct result of not being able to keep up with maintenance.

Complete resilience starts with the individual. It is also crucial to align your current risks with appropriate mitigation measures. By taking this combined approach, we will keep those gates securely shut and prevent holes from appearing before they become a serious risk to your organisation.

Xenubis uses a simple methodology:

DETECT – Threats to your organisation
DETER – Adversaries from targeting, attacking and exploiting you
DENY – Opportunity and effect of any potential adversary activity
DELAY – Negative impact of online activities associated with your business
DISRUPT – Adversaries activity against you
DISTRACT – Attack planning against your organisation
SECURE – Ensure organisational security is maintained at all times


Xenubis operates effectively against Cyber adversaries in the digital shadows. These battle grounds are a constantly evolving environment, with innovation and agility being the key to operational success. We provide our clients with a broad range of unique defensive solutions within an appropriate legal and operational framework.

Our key capabilities are unique, cutting edge and our team are amongst the best minds available in the market today. Our team has several decades of real world operational experience in the most challenging environments possible. What sets us apart from the rest is this unique experience. This enables us to stay one step ahead of the adversaries.

This approach ensures your Digital Resilience measures are effective across the Physical, Human and Digital aspects of Cyber. All three must work in unison to ensure genuine operational success.

Just as important is currency of our own capability. Our team are also actively keeping up to date on the latest methods. This means that we are well informed on what activities adversaries are conducting in other areas, which allows us to prepare in advance of threats materialising elsewhere.


Our leading edge offer and service is derived from technological competence and unique global experience. Our senior advisors have compelling credentials and a wealth of experience that includes; work with governments, military, special forces, police and intelligence agencies, top-tier management consulting firms, investment banks and leading defence companies.

This unique constituency gives our clients access to a potent, world class team. Collectively, we have operated in over 60 countries across several decades protecting the most sensitive assets in the world.

Through integrating technology with efforts to mitigate key risks, we achieve a multiplier effect for our clients. Technology is available to everyone, but only with our unique experience, does it truly become effective. This allows us to provide significantly higher quality and better value solutions than our competition.